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Gingerbread Loaf

Available now for online pre-orders for in-store pick-ups through Sunday, December 24th

Our extra-moist Gingerbread Loaf is made with lemon-infused honey syrup and our custom blend of holiday spices. Glazed with dark chocolate and finished with homemade marshmallow snowflakes and our peppermint Mini Me’s (miniature meringues), this makes for a gorgeous table centerpiece. (Serves 6-8 people.)

**For upcoming pick-ups, please note our HOLIDAY STORE HOURS:**

Friday, December 22: 9am-9pm

Saturday, December 23: 9am-9pm

Sunday, December 24 (Christmas Eve): 9am to 5pm (Please do not select a pick-up time later than 4pm on this day)
Christmas Day: CLOSED


Please keep all cakes refrigerated until serving. Bring to room temperature before eating. Handle delicately as our cakes are very fragile. Best eaten within 2 days of purchase.

Price: $17.00

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Gingerbread Loaf